Digital Media Internship: The Digital Human Library

This upcoming year I am an intern for the Digital Human Library! I have the opportunity to get involved with this fantastic non-profit organization and will be expanding my knowledge of digital and media technologies along the way. Throughout this semester and next, I will be posting some updates about my progress so far! Stay tuned as I endeavour on this amazing journey!

October 10, 2018: Our First Ever Podcast!!!


Rebecca and I recorded our first ever podcast today. We were definitely nervous as this is a new and exciting challenge that we have taken on for the Digital Human Library. We used an online website called Zencastr to record with our expert. This website is fairly easy to use and allows you to make an account for free. We also used a snowball microphone so that our voices were heard more clearly, but unfortunately our final recording was a little fuzzy and you can hear the echo of our voices. For our next podcast, we will be working on trying to eliminate the echo in the background to try and get a clear, loud recording. Our expert, Doug, spoke about using 3D printing and robots in the classroom. Doug spoke a lot about the benefits of bringing technology into the classroom to make learning fun and relevant for all students. During the podcast, we asked Doug how schools with a limited budget could access the same types of learning experiences if they did not have access to these costly printers, robots, and programs. He explained that many schools share resources such as 3D printers and they will rotate the technology from school to school so that everyone has had the opportunity to utilize it. School boards are able to cut down on the expense of these projects by having a shared resource bank which I think is a fantastic way to ensure that all students are given the same opportunities across a particular school board. While our first podcast went fairly smooth, Rebecca and I are going to continue working on our conversation style during the podcast by interacting with the experts and asking questions in a less formal way.

Stay tuned for an update on our second podcast October 17, 2018!

October 30:

Wrapping up Semester One with The Digital Human Library

Wow! It’s hard to believe that I am now in week 9 at the Faculty of Education, wrapping up semester 1 and heading out on placement in two short weeks. I have learned A LOT over the past couple of months and I am so excited to bring all of the knowledge, resources, and strategies into my placement. Over the last couple of months, I have been working with The Digital Human Library as an intern, so I want to share with all of you some of the wonderful experiences I have had over the course of this semester.

To begin, I want to thank Leigh Cassell (founder of the Digital Human Library) for all of her support, advice, and encouragement over the last 9 weeks. From day one when we did our first ‘google hangout,’ she was welcoming to both Rebecca and I and showed us her passion towards education. Leigh has been an incredible mentor and her enthusiasm is admiring.

Some of the things that I have been working on for the Digital Human Library include: creating graphic designs for Facebook, recording/editing podcasts with educational experts, and researching and designing a networking curriculum. My internship partner (Rebecca) and I have been working together on the majority of these tasks which is an incredible opportunity for us to bounce ideas off of each other. Together, we have stepped outside of our comfort zone and developed our understanding of teaching in the 21st century.

Graphic Design: 

Throughout the semester, I have been creating Facebook graphics and posting them on the Digital Human Library Facebook page. Designing graphics for a company is not something I had experience with; however, when I talked it over with Leigh during our first meeting, we both agreed that my experience with photography and photoshop would qualify me for designing and developing Facebook graphics. I am a familiar Facebook user and was excited to take on this challenge! Below are a few of the graphics I have designed thus far:



This semester, Rebecca and I recorded two podcasts with educational experts. When Leigh first asked me if I wanted to continue on with dHL on Air podcasts, I was very nervous and wasn’t sure if this was the right job for me as I tend to be a little shy, especially when talking to experts! Rebecca and I used the website called Zencastr to connect and record with the expert; it took many trial runs to figure out this how to use this website on the day of the podcast! After recording the first podcast, I was a little bit relieved and a little bit more nervous than I was before. Our guest was very understanding that this was our very first podcast and made us feel more confident in our abilities. However, the podcast wasn’t without its challenges; the final recording picked up on some major echo in the room we were in and I was still personally not entirely comfortable having a conversation while recording. Fortunately, I would have an opportunity to work on this in the second podcast, which we recorded a week later. The second podcast was successful again and I came out of my comfort zone a little more to ask the expert some questions. While I have my reservations about podcasts, I am so glad that I have the opportunity to record podcasts as it pushes me outside of my comfort zone, develops my oral communication skills, and also allows me to work on having conversations that are unscripted. It allows me to take risks and be willing to put myself out there which is a skill that I hope my students are going to be willing to take in my classroom.


Check out our podcasts here!

Networking Curriculum

As an educator in the 21st century, I recognize the importance of students being able to collaborate, problem-solve, connect, create, and communicate. Teachers must design their lessons and units in a way that provides students with opportunities to develop these important skills. So, over the past couple of months, Rebecca and I have been researching the importance of networking in the classroom, with the ultimate goal of designing a curriculum for teachers to use to teach digital and media literacy skills. This task has been so exciting since we are literally starting from scratch and working our way towards developing a curriculum. Our focus for next semester will be to further develop our research and begin working on the ways in which we can implement networking in primary and junior classes.

As you can see, the Digital Human Library has been an incredible experience thus far! I am thankful for the opportunity to explore a variety of different tasks that will build my character, my passion, and my creativity. I hope to continue to develop the Digital Human Library, with the goal of reaching more followers and getting the public to engage in the posts that I create. I will continue to develop my confidence during podcasts and engage in conversations.

I look forward to new and exciting learning opportunities next semester!


March 11, 2019:

Internship with The Digital Human Library

Wow! I cannot believe that March is already here and my time as an intern with the Digital Human Library is about to come to an end. My year in the Faculty of Education has come and gone so quickly and I have had so many valuable learning opportunities throughout this past year, including my time spent as an intern for this amazing organization.

Throughout the semester, my partner Rebecca and I continued to develop the DHL on Air  Podcasts. We heard from some very interesting DHL partners, Mark Cheverton and Rachael Bell-Irving. Rebecca and I are both very proud of our podcast accomplishments this semester, seeing as we were both unfamiliar with how to do them at the beginning of the year. Although nerve-wracking and challenging, the podcasts have allowed us to strengthen our oral communication skills and become familiar with digital programs such as Zencastr and GarageBand. Podcasting was not without it’s challenges, however. We both had to become more comfortable with the process of developing a podcast, which is easier said than done. We also had to become more comfortable with the technology process, which we struggled with on a continual basis (especially with an echoey background). Overall, however, Podcasting allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones, talk to some experts in the field, and to produce a product(s) that we are both proud of.

In addition to podcasting, Rebecca and I started to develop a curriculum for networking. Of course, this is an enormous task to take on and there is a ton of work that is left to be done on this particular project. Starting from the ground up, we began researching the topic of networking and how it affects students in our 21st century classrooms. We looked at the advantages and disadvantages of knowing how to network and why it was important to teach our students how to network. We researched, in depth, the six global competencies including: Communication, Citizenship, Character, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Leigh guided us through this very messy process and we have learned a lot about the importance of incorporating skills that allow our students to develop these six global competencies. For each of the six competencies, we completed a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).


As this is the final year that the MDL4000 course will be available at Lakehead University, we are hosting an internship showcase on March 13. On this day, Rebecca and I will be have the opportunity to talk with fellow classmates and educators and to share our experiences as interns with The Digital Human Library. Below is a link to our slideshow presentation that includes all of the work that Rebecca and I have been working on this year!

Internship Showcase- The Digital Human Library

Lastly, I have to give a big thank you to Leigh Cassell. She has been an incredible mentor, leader, and partner throughout this past year and I have learned so much about the field of education by listening to her passions, knowledge, and insights. Leigh is patient, kind, and knowledgeable and her enthusiasm towards this profession is evident. Leigh, thank you for a wonderful year. It has truly been an honour to work alongside you as an intern for The Digital Human Library.