Resources for Teachers

Looking for online resources to teach your lesson? Here is a small list of some of the resources that I have used so far in my first semester at the faculty of education! This list will be updated frequently as I learn about new and exciting resources to incorporate into the classroom!

  • Piktochart: Create free online infographics, presentations and flyers.
  • Answer Garden: A real-time feedback tool that allows students to brainstorm and share their ideas instantly with peers.
  • Edpuzzle: View, upload and edit videos for lessons; accessible through google drive.
  • Kahoot!: Play, create, and host quizzes on the go.
  • GoNoodle: Get kids moving with short, interactive videos.
  • Google Quick DrawA fun game for kids to learn about AI by drawing doodles electronically.
  • QuiaAllows teachers to create their own quizzes, surveys, flashcards, and word scrambles.
  • FlipgridA video production platform great for students to create short video clips for reflecting on learning and asking questions.
  • PadletAn easy way for students to collaborate using digital media. Students can add text, videos, pictures, etc. and share with their classmates instantly!
  • Unsplash and Pixabay are both websites that offer copyright free images.
  • Word Art: Interactive word cloud generator